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Bro, How Do I Get My Ring Size?

While some say size doesn’t matter, when it comes to your ring we are on the size definitely matters side of things! 

Too big and your ring will become lost sea treasure after that first wave hits you.

Too small and you may be amputating that fantastic phalange. (Ok, we’ve never actually had to amputate!)

Before we dive in to ring sizing, let’s go over some basics of rings and ring sizing.

Standard Fit Ring: 

A standard fit ring has a flat and uniform edge on the inside of the ring. Our Bands 4 Bros Ring Sizer will help you find your standard ring size. A jeweler will also find your standard ring size using a thin band.

Comfort Fit Ring: 

A comfort fit ring is rounded inside and bows out in the center. This dome shape makes the ring more comfortable while also making it a bit easier to get over your knuckles. Many of our bands come in a comfort fit style.

Both standard fit and comfort fit rings conform to the same ring sizes.

Now that we have that covered. Let’s go over the best options for getting your ring size!

Man looking for lost tungsten engagement ring on beach


Get a Bands 4 Bros Ring Sizer. This has EVERY size we carry, including half sizes (and a few extra).

Your fingers fluctuate in width throughout the day based on temperature, activity, and what you eat.

With the Bands 4 Bros Ring Sizer you can test your finger several times throughout the day to see what the most accurate size is for you as your fingers naturally expand and contract.
Better yet, remove the size that fits you best and wear it for a day or two to get a true feel for what to expect.

Oh yeah, when you buy your bands 4 Bros ring sizer, we will send you a 20% discount code to use on your ring purchase! 

Man looking for lost tungsten engagement ring on beach
Ring sizer discount image


Go to your local jeweler and get your ring sized. The biggest disadvantage with this option is that it does not take into account how your fingers fluctuate in size throughout the day.

If you are warm and your hands swell, you may size larger than your correct size.

If they have the AC cranked, you may size smaller than what is comfortable. 

If you choose to be sized at a jeweler, we highly suggest going to at least two jewelers to get sized.



This may sound strange at first. If the ring fits, right? Surprisingly enough, we've found most guys run into more of a headache than it is worth trying to measure an existing ring. 

While some suggest using a ring mandrel or measuring caliper to measure an existing ring we’ve seen discrepancies with both methods.

Not all ring mandrels measure the same and if not used properly a measuring caliper can give you an inaccurate measurement.

Bottom line, it is more accurate to have your finger measured, not a ring.


DO NOT print a ring sizer form online and use it to size your finger. Do you really want to leave the future of your wedding band to the accuracy of an arts and crafts experiment?


We do not suggest you use a string to measure the circumference of your finger. The slightest amount off and you’ll be ordering the wrong size for sure!


Please for the love of all that is good, DO NOT guess on your ring size!!

Here’s what has happened with our customers who have guessed. They guessed wrong and utilized our amazing exchange policy.

They guessed wrong again and utilized our amazing exchange policy. Again.

After finally deciding to properly get their ring size they found out they were three sizes off from their "educated" guess.

Has this ever really happened, you ask? Hmm, we’ll let you decide. But whatever you do, DO NOT GUESS YOUR RING SIZE!

Just think about how much time you will save by getting the right sized ring the first time it arrives. 👌

How do I read the Bands 4 Bros Ring Sizer?

Our Bands 4 Bros Ring Sizers have US and UK sizes on them. One side of each ring has the diameter and circumference while the other side has the US and UK ring size. The US size appears on the top, with the UK size underneath it.

NOTE: Half sizes are written with a “-” before the number. For example, size 8.5 is written as “-8”.

How do I convert UK ring sizes to US ring sizes?

We got you,  just refer to this chart! 

US & UK ring sizing chart


Just like anything else, everyone has their own personal preference for how they like their ring to feel.

Do you want to spin your ring around or do you prefer it being snug on your finger? This is another reason why the Bands 4 Bros Ring Sizer is great. You can wear it for a few days to determine how you like your ring to fit on your finger.

Also, if you’ve never worn a wedding band or engagement ring it will take some time just getting used to a ring being there at all.

Ring sizing can be a bit tricky, but with the right tools (ahem, right here) you can navigate it without a problem with the added bonus of SAVING 20%!

Still have questions about your ring size? Email us at and one of our awesome team members will help you out!

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