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Rose Gold men's wedding rings with bright background
Multiple men's wedding bands with bright background

Choosing Your Ring Color 

Congratulations on having finally decided to tie the knot! Research shows that men tend to spend so much time searching for the perfect wedding and engagement ring for their better half that they end up settling for something they don't love.

Do you really want your wedding band to be an afterthought? Probably not. Good news for you, we’ve got you covered!

Band 4 Bros has rings to match the style and budget of just about anyone. Especially a stylish, ruggedly handsome man such as yourself. (What, too much?)

Anyways, we recognize that men want to show off their style — and their personalities — just as much (or sometimes more!) than their partners.

We will break down all the aspects of the ring styles we offer to help you find the perfect fit.

Let’s face it, when it comes to wedding bands and engagement rings guys don’t always have a ton of options. Most of the time they get to choose from only one or two men’s styles.

That’s why at Band 4 Bros we offer men a wide range of super strong and stylish rings that will not just stand the test of time, but look good doing it.

Let’s take a look at some of our customer’s most popular color choices!

Black Men’s Wedding Bands & ENGAGEMENT RINGS

Black is by far one of the most popular colors when it comes to men's engagement and wedding bands and it’s easy to see why.

The color black has traditionally been associated with class, sophistication and even mystery, which makes it an amazing choice. Here are some of our best sellers in black men’s wedding bands.

The Continental

Black tungsten men's wedding band

A dark and mysterious addition to your jewelry collection, the matte black works alongside everything from professional day wear to modern evening attire.


For those who prefer to stand out from the monotonous crowd, the bold line of this timeless design highlights the power and significance of being different.

Black Tungsten engagement ring with multicolored inlay

The Tesla Onyx

Black tungsten ring with beveled edges

This striking ring is a modern classic.


Perhaps blue is more your style. Take a gander at a few of our most popular blue rings. 


Tungsten men's wedding band with blue inlay and blue interior

If you are not afraid to make a statement, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t check out this bad boy to give your wedding band a cool and contemporary look.

The Speedway

Sleek, sophisticated, and styled to complement every outfit, this ring will take you anywhere, and is a popular choice among our professional grooms.

Blue men's engagement/wedding band with black carbon fiber inlay

The Trailblazer (ok it’s technically turquoise!)

Men's tungsten wedding ring with turquoise inlay

When it comes to rock star wedding rings, this ring is most definitely it! So go big, and go with a wedding band that is as distinct as your personality.

Rose Gold Men’s Wedding Bands

Rose gold, which is increasingly used in men’s wedding rings, has a beautiful rosy-champagne color which is attractive with a timeless dignity. With a look that is stylish and sophisticated, rose gold wedding bands don't disappoint.

The Immortal

Silver plated men's engagement/wedding band with rose gold interior

Rose gold will transform any ring into a love story, but when you combine the look with a brushed silver finish, you have something modern, masculine, and eternally amazing.


Our Lincoln ring is the epitome of understated glamour and perfect for the minimalist.

The phoenix

Black tungsten men's wedding band with rose gold inlay and rose gold interior

What can we say? You'll enjoy wearing this masterpiece forever.


Gold is the traditional and timeless choice for men’s wedding bands. There is a reason -- gold gives off a warm hue that’ll never go out of style. 

tHE t

Gold Plated men's tungsten wedding band on wood surface

It’s traditional in the sense that it's a gold ring, but with it’s 8mm thickness and sheer shine this ring can hold its own with any modern style. And, as the name suggests, anyone who dons this masterpiece would make a certain A-team member very proud. 👌

The Imperial

Simple yet stunning in design, this wedding band transforms the ordinary to the extraordinary with subtle design features all while remaining true to the classic wedding band design.

gold plated men's wedding band or engagement ring with blue interior on slate surface

The Gandalf

Gold plated tungsten men's wedding ring with geometric design

Wearable with any outfit, this wedding ring is an investment for modern jewelry collections, and as it never dates or goes out of style.


Silver is one of the most popular choices for men’s wedding rings because it’s both visually appealing and super versatile. There’s really nothing that you can’t pair with a silver wedding ring.


men's tungsten engagement ring with geometric design

This elegant design features a polished and distinctive look while allowing your true personality to shine through.

The Lancelot

This wedding band not only matches your professional personality but also complements your everyday attire.

Tungsten men's wedding band with matte finish detail on slate background


Tungsten men's engagement ring with geometric design

This geometric design will be with you as you conquer your own life-goals. Available in silver, gold or rose gold, even if you’re not in the Olympics whatever choice you make here goes down as a win.

Speaking of winning. Whatever color you choose at Bands 4 Bros is a win. With our no hassle 45 day return policy, free 1 year warranty and super affordable lifetime warranty you’ll be wondering why you didn't buy two rings!

Speaking of buying two rings (yeah, we did it again!). Our Epic Duo Discount is designed just for you! After your first ring purchase, we’ll send you a discount code for 40% off your second ring.

So whether you are in search of multiple wedding bands or you use the discount for your soulmate, we will help you get the best ring that you’ll want to wear forever (at a price that won't break the bank).

Oh, we almost forgot to mention that, no matter what color you choose, every ring we offer comes with the option of FREE engraving.

Worried about forgetting your wedding date? Get it engraved!

Can’t remember where your first date was? Get it engraved!

Did you forget your fiance's favorite dessert? Ok, there is a limit to how many things we can fit on there so you might want to be a bit more selective. 

So, go ahead and choose your favorite ring color, customize it with free engraving and have a lifetime of happiness with your new partner and your new ring!

Have questions about choosing the right color for you? Email us at and we’ll be there to help you out. 

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